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Meet Mensajeros Urbanos

A Colombian company that was founded in 2013 and launched on the market in 2015 Mensajeros Urbanos has dedicated itself to offering same-day delivery services. Arriving in Mexico City in 2020 and expanding its routes to Monterrey and Guadalajara the same year.

Mensajeros Urbanos services with WeShip are:

  • Shipment Motorcycle Same day and the next day

If you want your package to be collected It is necessary to schedule a pickup, you can do it directly on

Generate Mensajeros Urbanos labels in Weship:

  • Send with Mensajeros Urbanos through WeShip: View and manage your shipments in a single portal.
  • Create Mensajeros Urbanos labels automatically: With WeShip, forget about manual work, our system automates the entire process of generating labels.

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