Epicland's solution to efficient logistics - WeShip Track

Epicland, a thriving online retailer specializing in clothing items from various licenses, including Marvel, Disney, and more, has been experiencing rapid growth. As their customer base expanded, so did the complexity of their logistics and post-purchase management.

To maintain their reputation for excellent customer service and on-time deliveries, Epicland turned to WeShip Track, a cutting-edge post-purchase logistics management system, for help.


Before implementing WeShip Track, Epicland faced several challenges. Their post-purchase logistics process was becoming increasingly complicated, causing delays and errors in tracking, which led to customer dissatisfaction. Additionally, as they expanded internationally, managing post-purchase logistics and tracking across different regions had become a logistical nightmare. Epicland needed a solution that could streamline their post-purchase logistics processes and provide real-time visibility into shipments for both their team and customers.

The WeShip Track Solution

Epicland's management team decided to integrate WeShip Track into their operations to address these challenges. The remarkable part is that the integration took literally seconds as they did it seamlessly via the Shopify app. WeShip Track provided a comprehensive set of post-purchase logistics management features that transformed Epicland's operations:

Shipment Visibility

WeShip Track allowed Epicland to track shipments from the moment they left their warehouse until they reached their customers, providing real-time updates for both the internal team and customers.


WeShip Track seamlessly integrated with the three shipping carriers Epicland uses, simplifying the process of shipping globally and ensuring cost-effective delivery options.


On average, customers visited the tracking page 4 times per order. WeShip's track customizable layout enabled Epicland to maintain customer traffic on their website, allowing them to cross-sell to their existing customers.

Multi Carrier
Data Analysis

WeShip Track offered Epicland the capability to analyze data from multiple carriers. This feature empowered Epicland to evaluate the performance of their respective carriers by tracking key metrics, such as average transit time and the percentage of successful deliveries.

Customized Data
Shipping Track

On average, customers visited the tracking page 4 times per order. WeShip's track customizable layout enabled Epicland to maintain customer traffic on their website, allowing them to cross-sell to their existing customers.


The implementation of WeShip Track had a transformative impact on Epicland's operations and success. The benefits were evident in multiple areas:

Global efficiency: With WeShip Track's multi-carrier integration, Epicland was able to optimize its reach to international markets, effectively reaching a broader customer base.Enhanced Customer

Satisfaction: Customers were delighted with the improved transparency in tracking and timely delivery, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Cost Savings:
By optimizing shipping options and reducing errors, Epicland saw significant cost savings in their logistics operations.

Scaling Success:
As Epicland continued to grow, WeShip Track scaled with them, accommodating their increasing order volume and evolving needs.

"WeShip Track has been a game-changer for our business. It has given us the ability to provide our customers with the level of service they deserve and expect.The end-to-end shipment visibility and automation have allowed us to scale and achieve success like never before."

Luis Corona

Founder of Epicland


Epicland's success story with WeShip Track is a testament to how modern post-purchase logistics management systems can revolutionize an e-commerce business. The improved efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and cost savings made possible by WeShip Track have allowed Epicland to focus on what they do best – providing unique and collectible items to customers around the world.As a result, Epicland's journey with WeShip Track has been nothing short of epic, and their future looks brighter than ever.If you, just like Epicland, wish to optimize your logistics operation and customer satisfaction, join WeShip track, send us an email at friends@weship.com or schedule an appointment below

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