WS Track for Marketplaces

WeShip Track for Marketplaces: Shipping Analytics and Logistic Incident Control

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Shipping Analytics

With WeShip Track for Marketplaces, you have access to a powerful suite of shipping analysis tools.
Delivery Times: Visualize the average time your packages take to reach customers.
Package Performance: Find out which parcel companies are the most efficient for your business.
Real-Time Tracking: Follow the progress of each package in real time and keep your customers informed.
Shipping routes: Find out which are the most efficient routes per package.

Incident control

Don't let logistical issues affect the reputation of your marketplace. With WeShip Track, you can proactively identify and address issues.
Precise Tracking: Record and track each incident for detailed control.
Custom Filtering: Filter incidents by seller, parcel company, or location to effectively address issues.
Fast Resolution: Address issues in real time to keep customers happy and build trust in your marketplace.

Improved productivity with configurable reports

Proactively detects shipments at risk of not meeting the estimated delivery date.

Incident control

WeShip Track for Marketplaces is the complete solution your business needs to optimize shipping logistics and exceed the expectations of your customers.

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